Website Building -- the way of madness

I've used smugmug, and wix, and now, with almost a decade of art sales from my local community, I've started this online store. Yep! With actual sizes and prices and choices and everything.

The beginning stages are great fun -- finding the photos I want up, deciding on categories, writing descriptions. 

Then comes the hair pulling part. The details, like setting every size for every photo. Time consuming, yes, but ultimately, necessary.

You've probably done this yourself by now, at least once, right? You've written a blog, or created an event, or designed a poster or invitation. So you know! 

But then, it's done. And so are all the hours of effort, and rereading the instructions, of asking more experienced people to come to your aid. It's all done. 

And you still have hair. Well, I still have some hair. Though I think I'm due for a salon visit. 

So -- this blog, shall be called 'Light Work' -- for obvious reasons, because, photography. You cannot shoot a megapixel without light. But also, and more importantly, because I have every intention of making this fun! Fun for me. Fun for you! 

Here's a little riddle -- a science experiment. When you're hanging out in the sun, make a shadow. Just use your hand, or any object. Observe the edges of the shadow. Are they hard or soft? Next -- next time you think about it -- make a shadow using a light source that you can move. Move your hand or the object closer and further away from the surface catching the shadow. Observe these edges. What do you notice? Write your observations in the comments. (I'm trying to set up a comments field -- another puzzle) Tell me what you see. Hint: this is a principle used all the time by photographers that many people don't usually pay any attention to.

I've gotta run now! I noticed last night, last thing, when I just couldn't tweak one more detail, that all the sizes on a favorite piece of art were wrong. Bad. Awful wrong. 

I hope you have a good day! 

From my house to yours,