'Anticipation' is a signed 12" x 18" unframed, giclee print, on 13" x 19" Pro-lustre Photo paper. The colors are rich and vibrant. For additional sizes, please contact the artist: denicaryphillips@gmail.com


SKU: 0706-E-1-2
  • The artwork you are purchasing is a signed photograph by professional fine-art photographer Deni Cary Phillips. Each piece meets rigorous specifications and the highest quality standards as described. Kept safe and dry, the print is expected to have a lifespan of 100 years. You are advised to mat and frame your photo using UV glass or acrylic, and hang it in a spot where it will not receive direct or extremely bright sunlight. You are also advised not to place the print directly against glass or acrylic. If you wish to frame without a mat, please use spacers to keep the glass and print from touching each other. Take care when cleaning your framed print -- do not let cleaning fluids seep under the protective glass or acrylic. Moisture is the enemy of paper and it will stain and ruin the print. With a little care, your photographic art will offer many years of viewing pleasure.