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And the award goes to ...

This new website is a little bit like a life-time achievement award. Countless images must be considered, the message honed to accurately represent current skills and desires, past accomplishments accounted for and sorted into appropriate columns -- in other words, its a lot like rewriting a resume. Never a painless task.

On the other hand, from a graphic design point of view, it's a blast! Thousands of templates and options, colors, fonts and design elements from which to choose. You know what I mean, right? How to choose, and what fun in the process.

So here it is, a little slice of my professional life laid out before you in living color (hopefully on a retina screen at magnificent resolution.)

I decided to put my consulting aspirations together with my fine art work. You want your ads to be beautiful, I know you do. So why not art? Commercial, Editorial (including the writing, if you please, as that is where this pathway started), and Fine Art.

Today is another beginning on the journey of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing this award with me. I'll spare you the long list of 'thank-you's' -- this time.

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