On the age & art of Britain

September 20, 2018

The British Natural History Museum warrants a look here, then we'll move on to the countryside ...


First off, the building is so cool, and so big, that I couldn't get it all in one or even three shots. This is a relatively new building for London, finished in 1881 if I recall correctly. I'm sure it took a very long time to build. 


Once inside, it is difficult not to notice the Great Blue Whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling. But drag yourself to the architecture for just a moment -- click on it to see it bigger -- seriously magnificent!


The displays are mounted with such creativity, and there are so many, just the main floor alone can keep you busy for hours. It's had to pick a one coolest thing.








For me it was the dinosaur skeletons and fossils that have been unearthed in Britain.



We are walking in the land of giants!!


Mary Anning found this fossil of a Rhomaleosaurus in Dorset. Loads to learn about Mary Anning, a paleantologist, or rather in those days archeologist. Imagine finding this fossil while digging around in the dirt near your house! 


I think it's 60 feet long, though I can't seem to find the exact measurement now. Take a look at the link to see more about it as a living creature--thanks to the wonders of virtual reality!




So, not only is Britain an old civilized country, it is also important prehistorically. 


A tad more recently, the builders of stone circles lived here. This very well maintained and organized stone circle lies a short drive from where we are residing in Tirril. Known as the Castlerigg Stone Circle, just outside Keswick off the A66, it is reported to be 4500 years old.


 I guess we've jumped to the countryside now! So, one last look at London, and tomorrow I'll introduce you to more of the Lake District -- the gorgeous Lake District!




Cheerio! (Seriously--this is a common way to say 'goodbye'!)  



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