Rural Missouri Landscapes

August 8, 2019

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Missouri is especially lush this year. We had big snow, TWENTY INCHES!! Then an extremely wet Spring. Flooding.




An amazing amount of water fell from the sky into our rivers and crossing over into farmland, sometimes into towns. But as it subsided and the Summer spread out, the thing that struck me was the verdant landscape.


Forests even thicker than usual. Grass bright green. Trees shimmering with good health, their glossy leaves shining in the sun.



Missouri has many land-forms. Flat, hilly, but where I live, we are graced with what I call rolling. So I took myself out on a drive or two, seeking the sweetness of new mown hay, sculptural round bales, spires of corn cribs, grain elevators, and the mighty Missouri, made mightier by endless rain from north to south. 



I found barns from various eras and uses. And decadent light at the end of the day, skipping over the land in playful abandon, beckoning clouds to color the world.











When the day turns purple before rain-drops plop, when a hawk cries out a welcome while you stand on top of your car to get the shot, or when the road stretches in a ribbon of mystery, that's when photography is at it's very best -- well, until I get to share it with you.

Hope you're enjoying your summer.