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Spring, at last

It wasn't an awfully hard winter. Summer was slow to decline. Fall flew by in a torrent of swirling leaves, and Winter finally arrived. Yes, it was cold from time to time, but most of all

it was gray. So, it's little wonder that we were all looking forward to the sunny days, the blooming days, the warm days when we could open our windows and get outside.

One of the best things about the seasons is repetition, don't you think? I knew the magnolia would bloom, and the daffodils. I knew the birds would begin to migrate out at the wetlands, and that my back yard birds would begin to sing every morning once again. They always do when Spring draws near.

This year, Winter also brought the pandemic. We weren't prepared, medically, nor psychologically. Right now, we are directed to 'stay at home' -- which is better than some places where the order is to 'stay inside.'

We can get out, go for drives, go to places for 'essentials' like groceries and prescriptions, and even drive-through food.

So, I went to see the pelicans. It's always surreal to me, these big flocks of big birds, all cooperating on their long flights from one climate to another. I saw a 'v' of geese high overhead -- soon they'll be filling up the wetlands, too. And the ducks will come in great numbers.

The eagles have chicks. I can't see them, but photographers with longer lenses are posting their photos. Furry little babes barely big enough to see out of the nest.

This is the positive meaning of Hope -- this repetition, the knowing in the face of uncertainty. Or is that Faith? Words don't really matter. What does matter is how we feel and how we deal.

What I know for certain is that fresh air and sunshine make me feel better. Having my friend drop by and stand 15 feet away in the driveway so we could 'see' each other and talk. Seeing all the families and couples taking walks rather than staying cooped-up, but also doing their civic duty and not congregating.

It is what it is. And the thing to focus on, one day at a time, is what we can do to help the crisis pass, while keeping ourselves as happy as possible. So, stand under a magnolia and let the sun shine through the pretty pink petals. I hope you and yours are staying 'in the pink.' Soon, this too shall pass.

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