I seek the timeless in every image -- that ethereal quality we all recognize for its deep satisfaction and comfort. A feeling neither transient, nor short-lived, but enduring. 

If it's an image of a cloud, I want you to reach out and touch it. If it's a door, I want you to approach it as if you will enter. If it's a forest path, you will want to wander down it. If it's a close-up of a leaf, you will want to investigate its ribs and texture. It's all about the feeling. I hope my work causes you to wander in and stay awhile. That is the measure of my success. 


                              Deni Cary Phillips

A camera is the tool of my artistry. Through its lens I see the world, and I bring what I see to you in the form of works on paper or canvas.

I've engaged in many creative hobbies in my life, and that is how photography began for me, shooting my mom's sacred Brownie box camera, then getting a Polaroid that spit bad prints out in seconds. Nothing like a little bit of instant gratification! Then the day came that I was heading out on a bird-watching expedition. I borrowed a friend's 35mm--and that was it. I was hooked. The photos were amazing. The flocks of geese I photographed laying flat on my back or belly-crawling on damp ground convinced me that there was more to photography than family holidays and vacations. A year later I held my very own 35mm camera. In those days, the less expensive way to go was slides, so I shot tray after tray, I think they held 200 frames, and subjected my friends to slide shows--at least those who would sit still for it. More than anything I wanted to process my own film, but I couldn't hack the chemicals. So that dream went by the wayside.

Fast-forward to 2006. Still shooting photos, acquiring more and more sophisticated cameras, I was headed for my first visit across the Atlantic, a life-long dream realized. I picked up a point-and-shoot Canon. It was great. Lightweight. Easy to load film into. Perfect. But it didn't produce the shots I was looking for. By my next experience abroad I was shooting DSLR. And that was the ticket. Now I could shoot all the shots there were to shoot (as long as I kept my battery full), and process the photos. Before long I was learning all I could about photo-editing software, shooting raw, and seeking out my peers in the fast-growing world of digital photography. 

All those years of shooting had delivered great insights into the craft. Composition, framing, cropping. Color. Contrast. Tone. Shape. Eye movement. With great joy I watched as my photographs became better and better. Until, one day, I took a chance and entered a piece into a juried show. As I stood at the counter, dropping off my personally matted and framed art, the woman checking in my piece warned me, "We don't get many photographs juried into our shows, so don't be disappointed if you get a call to come pick this up." I'd withstood judgment before, so I wasn't horribly worried about the disappointment I might face, but I thought her warning was inappropriate. Long story short--I got in. And I continued to get in. Over the last five years my work has been seen in a couple dozen juried shows locally and beyond. 

I hope you enjoy what you see, and if you have a place where you'd like to hang it, please get in touch.


My photographs are ideally suited for enhancing the walls of your home, your business, or institutional settings--wherever a sense of timelessness and beauty will enhance the viewers experience.

I also work with creatives as an editor and biography consultant, design labels and marketing materials for food producers, and share studio space in downtown Columbia's art district. I welcome the opportunity to help with your writing, editing or design project.


Follow on Instagram at InfinityPhotoDeni and DeniCaryPhillips.   



 "Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving."     

         Ansel Adams